Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Inside vs. Outside

I can't decide which I like better, inside or outside, but one thing is clear: I haven't been to the dog park in a long time. Well, let me see. There are more shoes inside, but there are usually more dogs outside. Also, I've made a discovery that relates to my last post. My moms poop inside. This morning, I was licking my new stitches and I suddenly smelled poop, and so I licked my stitches for maybe another minute and then went to do some avestigations, and I saw Shya sitting on a white chair and I could smell what he was doing. He asked me where my Kong was and then I ran to get it and when I came back he was at his desk. Man I love my Kong. It's where peanut butter comes from. When I get back to the dog park I'm going to run and run!

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