Friday, July 31, 2009

My Crate

Man I love my crate. So, besides from that, sometimes I pee in it. I'm not sure if my moms are in trouble, or if maybe just I am, but sometimes I pee in my crate and sometimes I don't, and I don't know how to predict it. I think my moms are mad at me. Especially my mean mom.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I heard that my friend Henry maybe broke into a pool and swam in it and Fran was mad. I like Henry. In fact, sometimes after we've been playing really hard I try to make love to him by moving my little hips back and forth like boy dogs. But I don't understand why come he likes to swim. If I was Henry I'd stay out of that water and probably play fetch. I'd play fetch for days and days! And when the ball was just a soggy knot of threads, I'd roll it toward the horizon and wait for the sun to suck it up into its big fiery maw and then sink into the faraway sea.

New York City

Well, I'm a city dog now. There are lots of stairs! Mostly I stay home with my mean mom. Sometimes I think about all the grass I want to run in, and the squirrels I want to ate. My moms got me a squirrel, and I ate it, but it wasn't the same. No grass, maybe? I can't figure it out. On the bright side, there are mice living in the walls! It makes my hair go funny.

I hope I'll get to go to the place where all my friends live today.